“Corte Mondina” is two hundreds years old: till now we don’t know the date of the first settlement, nevertheless we can find traces since the first years of the nineteenth century in the land register.
The buildings are arranged around the farmyard in a classical cardinal way: the main façade of the master’s house is turned to south and it looks on the farmyard.
For two hundreds years the court has been a farm, till now, when, Alessadro Mondadori, a young architecht and an indipendent farmer, decides to test a new growing, which is atypical for this area: blackberries, redcurrants, raspberries and wood-strawberries. He becomes a farm holiday operator. So the farm holiday “Corte Mondina” was born.
From the restoration of the Master’s house we have now the farm holidays’ rooms and the old stables are now a kitchen and a spacious living room where you can find the reception of the farm holidays. This is only the beginning of a restoration project that will include the whole courtyard.
The aim of the project is to preserve the ancient memory of this area and to restore the buildings.

Corte Mondina
Corte Mondina, Farm - Farm Holiday, S. Pio X Street - 46040 Gazoldo degli Ippoliti (MN) P.I. 02015520204